• If it looks like a lemon...






    Create a business model that is robust

  • Let’s just see what happens…






    Would the SAS say this?
    They plan for success – so should you

  • There’s no such thing as bad weather…






    Some people are better prepared for it than others

  • Have you planned your holiday yet…






    Most people spend longer planning their holiday
    than their business success!

  • Plan : Brief : Execute : De-brief








    Make everything you do a series of smaller missions
    PBED on every mission

  • 3 x 3 x 3




    3 x 3 x 3

    Focused goals and activities – 3 weeks, 3 months, 3 years

  • You see a mousetrap…






    I see free food and a challenge – it’s a state of mind

What’s going on

Life's varied and interesting working with businesses of all shapes and sizes. What all the businesses that I work with have in common is that they recognise they have the opportunity to perform even better, and create a stronger, more profitable and sustainable business. My role is to help them achieve that. Take a look at some of the latest things I've been doing.

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It’s a testing time for business, but it’s the same for you and your competitors.

Undoubtedly, those businesses that thrive best have a robust and considered plan for success built on marketing driven understanding and strategy.

That is, who can and will buy from you; where do you find them; what will you offer them and what will make you stand out as the right choice.

Many businesses feel they can answer these questions but when we talk I find they are only looking at a very shallow level at these issues.
I work with businesses of all sizes and have developed a range of ways of working that allows me to be heavily involved with some, provide only guidance and an external perspective to others and everything in between.

I bring a strong mix of financial, marketing, digital marketing, management and sales and combine those with experience from playing top-level sport and studying performance. A powerful combination to help make your business stronger, more profitable and sustainable.

Below are some of the broad ways in which I am engaged by clients – sometimes on a project basis, sometimes providing occasional coaching and sometimes by working on a regular basis inside a business.

Marketing Strategy

  • Help with specific comms challenges
  • Developing a marketing strategy
  • Targeting customers effectively and defining new market opportunities
  • Defining competitive advantage and brand positioning
  • Communications and channel review/audit
  • The opportunities for utilising data to maximise sales

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Business Planning

  • External business model review and business insight
  • Identification of critical success factors and business challenges
  • Crystallisation of opportunities into an actionable plan
  • Implementation and development of business opportunities
  • Creating and communicating a shared vision for your team

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Business Coaching

  • 1-2-1 or working with a management team
  • External review of business operations
  • Management team review of roles, responsibilities and skills gaps
  • Regular coaching and progress monitoring – face-to-face or via Skype
  • Financial modelling
  • Taking action and delivering your plan

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Digital Strategy

  • Negotiating the digital minefield – getting some perspective
  • Making digital an integral part of your marketing mix
  • Defining the opportunities and developing a digital strategy
  • The cold hard truth about social media for business
  • Capturing and harnessing data

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  • Business Booster programme
  • Harnessing/Understanding marketing as a small business
  • The role of planning in exceptional performance
  • Digital world. Real results
  • Selling more stuff – understanding how to sell without the hard sell
  • Building business processes to build a stronger business

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  • Keynote speaking on business performance and planning for success
  • Short workshop presentations on:
  • Building a profitable business model
  • Targeting customers effectively
  • Defining competitive advantage
  • Creating compelling marketing messages and comms
  • Understanding your business’s marketing opportunities

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Whatever involvement you need from me and whatever suits your business, I’m sure we can make it work.

What’s important is that you have a specialist that will build business value for you and bring expertise that you need in your business.

Take a look in more detail.

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Every client is different and engages me to help them build a stronger business to suit their individual needs. As I’ve outlined in Working Together with an understanding of your business we are in a great place to discuss how we both feel it’s best to move forward.

I do have a number of packages of work that provide an insight into how you might choose to benefit from my expertise without committing to a full-blown project initially.

  • Business Booster

    2 days inc. lunch & refreshments
    • For small and solopreneur business owners and sales people
    • Two-day group workshop programme (typically 3 or 4 weeks between days)
    • Covers key business planning and marketing topics
    • Building a profitable business model
    • Targetting customers effectively
    • Developing compelling marketing messages and comms
    • Understanding your marketing opportunities
    • Selling more effectively
  • 1-2-1 Coaching

    typical cost per session
    • For business owners and senior managers
    • Typically meeting once a month (or more regularly as required) for 2 or 3 hours at a time
    • Areas for discussion develop over time and to suit the individual
    • Discussing business issues and identifying opportunities
    • Creating a plan for the work to be undertaken and agreeing timescales for making it happen
  • Marketing Review

    inc. delivery of written report
    • For all types of businesses
    • Delivery of a written appraisal of current marketing communications
    • Covers all major communication channels with a traffic light system to show areas of strength…
    • Also includes a commentary on channel choice, how well that channel is being exploited and the strength and quality of the marketing messages and communications
  • Tea for Two

    discounted rate
    • For all types of businesses
    • Minimum 2 hour Discovery session with a formal structure
    • Explores the business challenges, identifies broad areas for business growth and potential options for exploiting those opportunities
    • Includes a request for some background information and data to be supplied and reviewed ahead of the meeting
    • The aim is to provide insightful observations from searching discussions


My client engagements vary significantly in terms of sector, scope of engagement and deliverables.

Understandably not all clients allow me to publish the results of my work but I hope these few case studies illustrate the depth and range of project I undertake, and the quality of the communications that are often the end result of my strategic work.


More case studies…

News & Views.

It’s more than a blog though. It’s where I post comment about business strategy, digital goings-on and news about the business. You’ll also find information about where I am speaking next.

Take a look at these latest posts but also at some of the older ones and I’d really welcome your thoughts and comments too.


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