Will you be ready to BOUNCE?


I have absolutely no doubt that the business environment for most businesses will be radically different to that before lock down. That’s fantastic because it presents a wealth of potential opportunities and an environment in which those that are smart and prepared can win. But you need to be prepared.Business planning to create opportunities

I‘m an optimist for sure … but I’m also a realist.

If you are expecting that you will pick up where you left off in the middle of March … I think you will be in for a shock.

There are sectors that have done well through this unprecedented crisis – IT, accountancy, telecoms and essential retailing – but the majority of us will continue to feel the effects long after lockdown has been lifted.

Paul Johnson, the Chairman of the Office for Budget Responsibility said on the radio only yesterday that our £60 billion predicted deficit is more likely to be £260 billion post-Covid-19. He also went on to predict that it will take us 2 years to get back to where we were before lockdown.

[If ploughing through copy isn’t your thing, then take a quick look at the video]


Projects will not go ahead – I’ve already seen that in businesses that I work with.

Many things will have changed in your customers’ businesses since before the lock down … maybe the project is no longer relevant or required … maybe it was somewhat of a discretionary spend … maybe they simply don’t have the cash at the moment.

The perspective and priorities of your customers, and importantly their customers as well will have changed.

I imagine that a car dealer will be excited to get back to work and open up once again. But will we all be rushing out to look at new cars as our frist priority? Will we have the same level of savings or income immediately after lockdown is lifted? I suggest not.

That understandable decison to delay purchase and hold on to the cash has a knock on effect on the car manufacturers and everyone right along the chain that supplies goods and services to make that vehicle. It also has an impact on everyone that works in every business that supplies right along the chain.

Decisions like these will reduce the amount of cash that is circulating and how fast it is moving too. That’s the innevitable SLOW DOWN and the logical result will be over-supply for this reduced demand.

So it’s time to EAT OR GET EATEN!

It’s time to plan your business success. Covid-19 and the lockdown means that what was true in the middle of March could be radically different today. But this presents opportunities too and it’s important to work out how to exploit them and to be ready to BOUNCE.


If you are still battling with the reality of today and for survival then planning too far in the future is absolutely the wrong thing to do … it’s like teaching a drowning man to swim, rather than throwing him a life jacket.

If this is you, I will do what I can to help. No cost, no obligation … just reach out RIGHT NOW and let’s work out what to do.

But, if the dust is starting to settle in your world and your thoughts are turning to getting back to some form of “normality”, it’s time to examine what your new normality will be and build your plan to understand and exploit the opportunities that you have.


I like to understand. I like cause and effect. I like to work out and understand the dynamics and drivers of the businesses in which I work.

I’ve spent the time since lockdown speaking with many, many businesses and working in a detailed way with a number of clients too.

I have no doubt that your business world, what you knew about your customers and the attitudes of their customers will have changed.

Therefore, the decisions you need to make about the future success of your business are strategic marketing ones, and that’s where I know I can help

I have designed a workshop and planning structure for this unique situation. It’s based on the proven tools and processes I have been using and developing since I started my business 10 years ago. I have been sense checking it with respected business leaders and so I have the questions and processes to help you challenge where you are and identify where your opportunities lie. From there we can build a plan so that you and your business will BOUNCE.

I want to help as many people as possible to be ready.

If you need my help and you can’t afford to pay me, then so be it … just reach out and let’s talk about how.

If you think you might welcome and value the input and perspective of someone like me, then I’m ready to make as big an impact as I can by spending a few productive hours working with you (and your team) on your business.

As with all my workshops, I offer a no quibble, 100% money back guarantee. If we work together and you feel it wasn’t worth the money then I won’t send an invoice.


Step 1 is for us to arrange to have an initial discussion. This is about discussing your businesss, exploring how the process will work and then agreeing what preparation needs to be done before any workshop.

I want to help as many people as possible and I’ll speak to as many people as I can in the time I have available.

If looking into your future post-COVID-19 sounds like a good idea then reach out and let’s get something arranged – the countdown clock for the end of lockdown is ticking and I have only so many hours in the day.

To kick off your planning to make sure you BOUNCE  just call me on 07974 981293 (the mobile is always on) or email me at hello@askmjs.co.uk.


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