Business Growth: Asking powerful questions to win more business

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I recently recorded a video about how asking questions is crucial for business growth and making more sales. Take a look at that video and many more on my Business Growth YouTube channel.

Video transcript

So here I am Newcastle falcons doing you a business growth short today, so what am I talking about at Newcastle falcons? Well what I’ve been doing here is the north-east expo, really interesting business expo lots of small businesses all set up doing exhibition stands all telling us about their business.

What I want to talk to you today about though is about asking questions, you would be amazed I’d say 90% of the people I walked past on their stands just stood behind their stands never asked me a question and never engaged me in conversation and if they did they ended up talking about themselves instead of asking me questions about what I do.

What’s important in business is that you ask great questions, now if I’ve got a stand like this I’m going to be asking a question I need some reason to stop people in their tracks and ask something about their businesses.

So, it might be why are you here today? What they might say is I’m here to see the seminar sessions. What you then need to do is engage them in conversation and open questions are a great way to do this.

I use the moniker TED to help drive my own questions. So I start all my questions with tell me, tell me more about the seminars you’ve come to see or explain, well they tell me about the seminars like search engine optimisation, explain what the guy was talking about will you please.

Or describe and describe is a great way, describe about what it is that makes your business different to other people. So TED, tell me explain describe, great ways to ask open questions that gets people talking and when you ask questions about their business then they’re going to tell you so much more about what’s going on and you can then look to fit whatever you’re doing to fit to their problems that they’re telling you they’ve got.

So business growth it’s about asking questions it’s about finding out about peoples businesses. I hope this has been useful for you here I am at Newcastle falcons we have had a good day I don’t know about the people in there but I hope they got some business out of it.

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On 1 April 2017

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