Business Growth: Business Planning and Drift

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I’ve recently recorded a video about drift and business planning, and how this is essential for growing your business. Take a look at that video and many more like it on my Business Growth YouTube channel.

Video transcript
Hi there welcome to this business growth short video. Today I’m talking to you about drift and I’m here at the side of the river in beautiful Ripon. We have had a lovely day out and I wanted to tell you a story about drift.

Michael Hyatt the American broadcaster wrote a book called drift and he tells the story about when he went snorkeling he ended up a long way from the beach and it took him ages to get back, using his flippers to get back to the beach. The concept he talks about when he is talking about life planning and getting what you want from life is that if you’re a long way off course,  getting back to where you want to get to, it tends takes a lot of effort.

What it also talks about is that if you follow the current and let the current take you wherever the current wants to take you it’s very rare you end up in the destination you want to get to. So, have a think about your business, because I want to talk to you about drift in relation to your business.

Is your business just drifting along? Do you think you’re steering the course and aiming for the destination you want to get to? If you feel like you’re just drifting along, how do you get out of that?

Well it’s about business planning, it’s about setting in place a plan to work out how you can get to the right result so you can have the business you want.

That doesn’t necessarily mean profit, it might be about having a business that’s sustainable or the amount of time that you want in your life that you can spend with your family.

Whatever your business ambitions are , you need to write a plan you need to set and put together a business plan because when you have a business plan you have so much more chance getting to the destination that you want to get to, don’t drift along make sure you’re in charge and you’re dictating where you go.

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On 12 April 2017

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