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Business Growth: Differentiate to win more clients

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I recently recorded a video about differentiating your business and how this absolutely crucial for business growth. Take a look at the video and many more on my Business Growth YouTube channel.




Video transcript:

Hi there, welcome to this business growth short video that I’m doing for you today on differentiation and why it’s important in your business.

Now you may wonder why I’m sat here with my vacuum cleaner from home, our trusty Dyson that we have had for a good few years, well I want to talk to you about why Dyson are successful and how they differentiate their selves in the marketplace.

In 1978 James Dyson looked at his cleaner and decided it didn’t work very well so what he did was over a number of years I think it was over 5 years he created a number of different prototypes using an idea he had come up with for a paint factory he was doing work with. And this is where he created this cyclone.

The problem he found with his existing vacuum cleaner was that the bag, when the bag got half full or three quarters full, the vacuum cleaner lost suction. So, what he said was; first of all, there must be a better way.

That’s a great lesson, in saying, if I’ve got this problem other people must have this problem and you know what I’m going to find a way to solve that. When you solve that problem then what you can do is you’ve created a product or service that people want to buy! Because you’re solving a problem for people. But that’s a completely different video that we will talk about later perhaps.

What I’m talking about here is how he differentiated his product. Now he didn’t differentiate his product because its funky colors, he didn’t differentiate his product and talk about its lead or hose or anything like that. He differentiated his product by saying this cleaner will keep its suction and keep its power right the way through right until the cylinder where the dirt is collected is all full and compared to an existing vacuum cleaner which loses suction when the bag gets half full and that’s why he created the bag less vacuum cleaner.

Now people buy this not because of the flex that is the same length as someone else or the hose that other cleaners have people buy this because it doesn’t look suction and continues to perform above and beyond what a normal bag cleaner would deliver.

So he differentiated his product. What’s interesting about this product and all of Dyson products are, because he feels that he’s found a better way to solve a problem he is able to differentiate himself by talking about that performance and he’s able to charge a premium price.

So there is a lesson for us all there, differentiate your product to the alternatives that your customers have got and show how brilliant it is and then you’re in a place that you can charge a premium price and charge more money what could be said is the same sort of product, it’s about differentiation and its showing why you’re better and what the benefit of that difference is.


I hope that’s been useful for you I can expand on that more if you want more information on marketing and growing your business and why differentiation is important, don’t hesitate to get in contact with me or click the subscribe button below to see more marketing short videos, see you soon.

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On 12 March 2017

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