James Walker Textiles

April 6, 2016

James Walker Textiles case study


James Walker Textiles was established in 1820 and came to become one of the country’s leading blanket manufacturers.

With the rise of imported textiles from the east the manufacturing business contracted and the company first moved its production off-shore and then finally refocused its efforts on importing a range of blankets and other textile products for the healthcare and hospitality sectors.

Market pressures such as declining healthcare budgets, competitor consolidation and a general downward pressure on prices saw the trading business slowly contract.

Looking back at the last few years Managing Director James Walker says; “The outlook was far from rosy for JWT – we were slowly contracting and as a business we became reactive and lacked confidence. We worked hard to continue to drive sales but were struggling to reverse the decline.”


After a number of months working with JWT, and through analysis and research to create in-depth insight into their opportunity, the future looks much brighter.

A fabulous 2015 fourth quarter focused on building meaningful relationships with key accounts and resulted in the downward trend being halted. JWT is now a business that is confident about the future and is budgeting for significant growth through 2016.

Looking forward with eager anticipation MD James Walker adds; “Our business is ready to make the most of the opportunities we have in front of us and we’re creating many, many more as well. The work that Michael has done has provided us with insight into where we can grow our business, and he’s helped to develop and embed the processes so we know how to grow it too. Having a sounding board like Michael has been invaluable for us and the money we’ve spent has been some of the best we’ve ever spent at JWT. I don’t think I have ever closed for Christmas feeling so motivated.


Services provided:

  • Business insight and analysis
  • Market development
  • Market and brand positioning
  • Business strategy
  • Team building and sales process engineering
  • Customer journey mapping
  • CRM and business process engineering


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