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September 9, 2014

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A marketing strategy project to explore and define a positioning for this world-renowned, family business (that trades and is a stockholder of luxury speciality fibres).

Michael spent a great deal of time understanding our business and in building a story and proposition for Seal. We’re really pleased with how this was rolled into a new identity, a new design for our website and very importantly all the messaging and copy for the site.

Jeremy Seal, Managing Director


To refresh the marketing materials for Seal International after defining a robust brand positioning.


Seal International is an internationally renowned and respected trader of luxury speciality fibres.

Seal hold stocks of raw fibre which they buy at trade markets and direct from source all over the world. They then trade this fibre on to a global base of customers to be processsed and made into yarn for apparel and other fine cloths.

The key fibres they trade are mohair, cashmere, alpaca, silk, camel, angora, yak and vicuna.


Following a thorough review of Seal’s existing marketing materials and an in-depth discussion of the business’ markets, customers, competitors and products I was able to suggest a positioning and proposition which would allow them to differentiate themselves in the market.

The Seal International business was started by the current owners’ father and these two sons are now joined by a third generation of Seal in the business.

As two of the principal players in the market, and with international reputations it was right to highlight the excellent standing that the business enjoys by virtue of Andrew and Jeremy Seal’s involvement. They are ably supported by a talented and the well respected team. Also, as one of the largest stockholders in the world they can offer a number of benefits to their customers.

The result was to create a three element descriptor strapline to accompany the revised company logo. The new logo is modern, gives the impression of pace with the swirl of ribbons and obviously makes reference to the global nature of the business.

This logo and strapline was also rolled out into new stationery and also a new website for the business. With professionally written copy and specially captured photography, the new website tells the Seal story, introduces the pillars that underpin the brand and portrays the business in a modern light.

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