New Fav TED talk: Sir Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity

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I was doing some reading online and came across a reference to this TED talk that discusses how the way we teach today kills creativity.

Sir Ken Robinson proposes that education systems around the world were set up to produce educated people to work in technical jobs. With the hypothesis that the majority of jobs that teenagers will be doing in years to come have not yet been invented, he suggests that creativity is one of the key skills that we need people to have … and schools teach it out of people today.

An interesting discussion, delivered with some great humour and an inspirational story about a dancer who became world famous because it was recognised she was creative.

Sir Ken mentions how that story will be in a book “Epiphany” which he has now published as The Element: How finding your passion changes everything. So I thought I’d buy that – I’ll add a note to this post when I’ve read it!

Would love to know your thoughts on this TED talk.

You kind find more of my favourite TED talks in the My Favourites section.

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On 3 May 2011

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