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An interesting article on the Marketing Week site in which Simon Clift, CMO of Unilever discusses how he is not convinced about Twitter.

I commented, what do you think?

I get a lot of value every day as a marketer by following influential and industry experts. As a group of users on Twitter we crowd-source and filter interesting information and share that.

It is not perfect but nothing is. Last weeks survey by Pear Analytics suggested that almost 50% of tweets are mindless babble – that means that over half of it isn’t. If only the internet was less than 50% babble. It’ also easy for me to browse this content quickly and choose what I consume.

Twitter isn’t for everyone but then neither is RSS, reading magazines, watching TV etc etc.

As with all online content, the majority of content is produced by a minority, I certainly take more than I produce from Twitter.

But I’m also happy it is a valuable tool and like TV if I follow someone and their content doesn’t appeal or doesn’t interest me I change channel by unfollowing them.


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On 31 August 2009

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