Website design agencies, what are you doing?

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This is a bit of a hobby-horse of mine. Web design agencies who reckon they talk the talk, feel that they are marketing people. Get your fundamentals right!! There isn’t enough marketing in online marketing.

Anyone who knows about marketing knows that marketing is not about selling what you want to sell. It is about understanding what people want to buy to satisfy a need, requirement or to solve a problem that they have. Having developed a product or service, marketers then communicate how it will satisfy that need.

So why do so many agencies talk on their websites about who they are, what they do etc etc … enough already I don’t care about you. Your potential customers don’t care about you. They care about what you can do for them, what pain that they have that you will take away.

Tell me what you will do for me and I might be interested … talk about your business in that way and you may have a chance of being considered a marketer.

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On 11 August 2009

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