Working together.

Every business I work with has different challenges and needs different levels of support. The broad range of skills I bring from financial, marketing, digital marketing, business management and performance allow me to explore your business opportunities and add value in an infinite number of ways. With small business and big multi-national experience my clients welcome the processes and thinking that this experience has given me when it brings business benefit to their business.

There is always a process to follow in how we will work together and it’s very simple.


Looking at your business and discussing it with you (and your team as appropriate) to get a smell of how the business operates and identify opportunities to build you a stronger business.


This isn’t just a paper exercise, nor a theoretical one. The creation of a plan includes the exploration in detail of all the issues surrounding the exploitation of your opportunities. It also includes activities and deadlines and responsibilities that need to be undertaken to deliver the results we are working towards. The plan is a living breathing document you can use to manage your business and team on a 3 x 3 x 3 basis.


A great plan remains only that unless someone takes action to make it happen. There’s no point looking back in six months and saying, “If only I’d done …”. But with a robust and detailed plan you can move forward taking action yourself, delegating relevant responsibilities through your team or allow me to deliver elements that you need me to.

The beauty of this process is that you can use my involvement as much or little as you like. On the one had I’ll deliver the whole process with you, at the other end I’ll guide and provide a sounding board, external perspective and someone to hold you accountable for making things happen if that’s what you need.

In order to allow you to maintain control and understand the financial commitment of us working together I tend to cost the stages above individually. In that way we can agree a fixed price for me to undertake the discovery into your business and create insight into the challenges you face and the opportunities you have to grow your business.

Once that is completed and presented, you have the opportunity for me to develop the detailed plan or simply bring some oversight and external perspective to the plan you develop. Similarly, when it comes to implementation we can agree a fixed price for this work too.