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Business Growth: Marketing Automation

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I recently recorded a video on marketing automation and my thoughts on using it. Take a look at the video and also my Business Growth YouTube channel, where there are many more videos are like this.

Transcript of Business growth video about how marketing automation can grow your business 

Hi there so here I am in my car again I’ve just come from a really interesting meeting I wanted to capture what happened in that meeting and what I want to put that across to you because actually this was about creating more business for the business without creating more demand.

It was about converting more enquiries into customers for the client, he’s already got a system whereby what he sends out quotes automatically.

So has a conversation with people he talks about the price for a service and then it follows that with an automated email which gives them was a really great reasons why you should buy et cetera et cetera and confirms the price if the customer doesn’t buy what happens is that email is followed up with another email and then another email et cetera he’s got this drip campaign for following people up.

Now what’s important here is that actually what it’s doing is making best use of the enquiries he’s already got.

What he’s not doing is spending money generating more enquiries to generate more business you imagine if you spend a certain amount money to create that those enquiries if you can convert more of those enquiries into business his business will grow without spending any more marketing at all

Okay so what we are looking to do in the conversation I had with him is how we streamline and make that conversion process even better so I’m going to do some work with him in terms of looking and testing at the optimum time frames he sends an email

One with the quote one day he follows it up the next day and the next the next day for me I think that’s a little bit too much what I’m wanting to do is that I wanted to send the quote out straight away but I want to restructure and rewrite that email to make it work harder and send it two days than 5 days then a final one in 7 days.

But the big point that I wanted to make to you here is that don’t do that process manually there are processes in place you can get them for a few pounds a month set systems in place so that you automate that process and then your leveraging technology to give you back time and to convert more deals for you so first thing’s marketing automation second one is  don’t necessarily look at creating more demand look at how you can convert more of a demand that you’ve already created into paying customers.

Hope that is useful as a business growth short if you want to know anymore about it please don’t hesitate to get in touch thanks a lot and I will see you again soon

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On 22 May 2017

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