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So here we go, we’re off and running into the blogosphere…

What’s this all about? I’m a digital marketing guy who feels like keeping up to date with the all that’s happening in this exciting online industry of ours is like spinning lots of plates at the same time.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I’m fascinated about the industry and the latest changes that are coming to digital media and online marketing.

In this blog I will post my personal thoughts about what I come across, as often as I can – what has excited me today, the exciting work of others, a “road to Damascus” moment relating to work. Equally, don’t be suprised if I also post what has wound me up – frustrating clients, so called professionals who blatantly aren’t, or the general frustrations of life.

I hope you will join in the conversation and maybe post me a comment back if what I posted was useful or challenge me if you think I am talking out of the top of my head.

Here’s to the start of something new…

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On 20 July 2009

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  1. Kelvintayler says:

    Hi, Michael. I love the way you show this post. Anyway good post.Thumbs up !!!

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