Taking part in a panel discussion at ECMOD 2012

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Yesterday I was involved in a panel discussion at the ECMOD 2012 home-shopping exhibition and conference at The Business Design Centre in London.

Michael Stewart as part of a panel discussion at ECMOD '12

Along with a number of other people from the digital and marketing community we took part in a session, chaired by Amy Africa, in which we made recommendations for maximising sales in the run-up to Christmas.

Areas that I highlighted included:

  1. Making sure that your delivery and returns information are up to date and include all the information required for Christmas – being unsure about delivery is a key reason why people don’t order in the run up to Christmas
  2. Making sure you analyse the run rate of sales of products to maximise sales – it’s really easy and tempting to focus on the hot product of the year and the best seller but that will probably sell out no problem. Look for the products that could also sell out with a bit of love, attention and extra promotion

Lots of great advice was passed across and it’s great to be asked to get involved in such an event.

(Thanks to one of co-panellists who shared their photo)

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On 29 November 2012

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