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It’s a testing time for business, but it’s the same for you and your competitors.

Undoubtedly, those businesses that thrive best have a robust and considered plan for success built on marketing driven understanding and strategy.

That is, who can and will buy from you; where do you find them; what will you offer them and what will make you stand out as the right choice.

Many businesses feel they can answer these questions but when we talk I find they are only looking at a very shallow level at these issues.
I work with businesses of all sizes and have developed a range of ways of working that allows me to be heavily involved with some, provide only guidance and an external perspective to others and everything in between.

I bring a strong mix of financial, marketing, digital marketing, management and sales and combine those with experience from playing top-level sport and studying performance. A powerful combination to help make your business stronger, more profitable and sustainable.

Below are some of the broad ways in which I am engaged by clients – sometimes on a project basis, sometimes providing occasional coaching and sometimes by working on a regular basis inside a business.

Marketing Strategy

  • Help with specific comms challenges
  • Developing a marketing strategy
  • Targeting customers effectively and defining new market opportunities
  • Defining competitive advantage and brand positioning
  • Communications and channel review/audit
  • The opportunities for utilising data to maximise sales

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Business Planning

  • External business model review and business insight
  • Identification of critical success factors and business challenges
  • Crystallisation of opportunities into an actionable plan
  • Implementation and development of business opportunities
  • Creating and communicating a shared vision for your team

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Business Coaching

  • 1-2-1 or working with a management team
  • External review of business operations
  • Management team review of roles, responsibilities and skills gaps
  • Regular coaching and progress monitoring – face-to-face or via Skype
  • Financial modelling
  • Taking action and delivering your plan

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Digital Strategy

  • Negotiating the digital minefield – getting some perspective
  • Making digital an integral part of your marketing mix
  • Defining the opportunities and developing a digital strategy
  • The cold hard truth about social media for business
  • Capturing and harnessing data

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  • Business Booster programme
  • Harnessing/Understanding marketing as a small business
  • The role of planning in exceptional performance
  • Digital world. Real results
  • Selling more stuff – understanding how to sell without the hard sell
  • Building business processes to build a stronger business

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  • Keynote speaking on business performance and planning for success
  • Short workshop presentations on:
  • Building a profitable business model
  • Targeting customers effectively
  • Defining competitive advantage
  • Creating compelling marketing messages and comms
  • Understanding your business’s marketing opportunities

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